Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry Opens

Public Inquiry into the causes of tower block fire that killed 72 people in June 2017

The Public Inquiry examining the circumstances leading up to the fire at the London Tower block in June 2017 officially opened today with testimony and personal tributes commemorating the lives of the 72 victims of the fire.

The inquiry will look at the events leading up to the fire on 14th June and the inquiry chairman, Sir Martin Moore-Bick, has been tasked with making a series of recommendation to  prevent a similar tragedy occurring again.

The first week of the inquiry will be very much taken up by the public tributes to the victims, giving the Chairman and his team a sense of who the victims were, and how the people who lived in the building lived their lives.

It is expected that the inquiry as it moves on will highlight failures in the testing of insulation and cladding materials, the lack of training and standards within the building fabric installation sector, and the poor management of social housing in this country.

The first stage of the inquiry investigation will look at the immediate causes of the fire and what caused it to spread so fatally,  before an interim report highlighting any major safety issues in other high-rise blocks that need to be addressed, is release in late October or November