Government responds to ECO 3 Consultation

Very little to change

The government has finally responded to the ECO3 Consultation carried out back in the spring.

Over 230 organisation took part and submitted their suggestions, but very little is to change from the initial proposed ECO3 scheme.

The ECO3 Scheme (Third round of Energy Company Obligation funding schemes) is already over 12 months late, and as the transitionary extention to ECO2 finished in September, the industry has been highly frustrated by the further delays.

ECO 3 will see more energy companies brought into the obligation scheme as the thresholds are reduced and more of the smaller energy companies will meet the reduced threshold.

ECO 3 will also focus on more rural properties with a requirement for 15% of measures to be delivered to rural homes

Local Authorities will have access to a larger percentage of the funds available under the scheme for their FLEX programme

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