OFGEM considers 50% cut to Solar PV Deemed Score

Published 1year ago (8th Apr 2021 12:00)

OFGEM has sent an open letter to ECO installers asking them for feedback on a potential decision to cut the Deemed Score for Solar PV under ECO3 by around 50%.

The assumption being made by OFGEM is that 50% of electricity generated by solar PV is not used by the household where the solar panels are installed, but is instead fed into the National Grid network.

OFGEM does not feel that the electricity being fed into the grid should be included in decarbonisation figures for the home where the solar panels are to be installed.

This change is due to take effect from July.

This is a controversial decision, and while it makes sense from a rational statistical point of view, it will have a huge impact on the feasibility of certain projects under ECO and LAD schemes.

The consultation is open until the 7th of May, for those affected to be able to give their feedback to OFGEM.

The full letter requesting feedback is available on the OFGEM website