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Ground Source Heat Pump Association

Ground Source Heat Pump Association

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The GSHPA is the focal point of the heat pump installation industry in the UK. As a trade association the GSHPA brings together over 160 members and interested parties from across the heat pump installation industry to develop a strong, dynamic and sustainable environment for heating and cooling systems that are based on heat capture, heat storage and heat transfer, including heat sharing networks and demand side management. The GSHPA aims to electrify heat. We act as an advocate for our members by engaging with Government and key decision makers to support cost effective and efficient solutions to industry, businesses and householders by: Developing a policy which puts the energy user’s needs first Delivering a local, low carbon heating system at lowest cost Ensuring an understanding of heating and cooling, which makes up half of our energy use Taking an integrated and ‘internet of heat’ approach Helping users manage energy demand to limit the need for new generation capacity Strengthening the ground source energy industry’s reputation through publishing GSHP Standards and best practice

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