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Home energy conservation act report Introduction The Home Energy Conservation Act 1995 (‘HECA’) requires all 326 local authorities (‘LA’s) in England to submit reports to the Secretary of State demonstrating what energy conservation measures they have adopted to improve the energy efficiency of residential accommodation within that LA’s area. This covers measures to improve properties in the owner-occupier, private rented sector, and social rented sector. BEIS uses data submitted through LAs HECA returns to inform policy thinking on energy efficiency, and to build an ongoing picture of local and national energy efficiency policy delivery. These guidance notes are issued in accordance with the Secretary of State’s powers under section 4 of the Act and are to alert LAs of amendments to the HECA reporting framework in advance of May 2019 when the next reports are due. In previous years, reporting rates have been disappointing, with 282 reports submitted in March 2015 out of 326 LAs, and only 151 in March 2017. The refreshed reporting system for 2019 streamlines the process and reduces LA reporting burdens. Newly structured around a series of questions and direct information points, the amended framework aims to support LAs to provide information and updates on the key energy efficiency topics of interest to BEIS Ministers. It will also enable LAs to provide a consistent picture of energy efficiency promotion and delivery across England within a standardized framework. Following the principles of open data, the department may publish the information in an open data format to allow wider access and interpretation of the data, while ensuring that such publication complies with the terms of GDPR. HECA 2019 Reporting Requirements The Report is to be divided by sections to capture information on a range of key themes: Headline & Overview What main strategy and schemes LAs currently have to promote carbon reduction and/or energy efficiency, stakeholders involved and impact at a societal and economic level. Communication How LA engage stakeholders (including consumers and businesses) to promote awareness of energy efficiency. Green Local Supply Chain How LAs engage local businesses involved in the promotion of energy savings products and the societal benefits alongside any local economic impact this might have. Private Rental Sector Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards How LAs enforce and promote awareness of the PRS Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards that came into force in April 2018. Financial Support for Energy Efficiency Financial programmes used by LAs to promote energy efficiency. Fuel Poverty How LAs identify those in fuel poverty and any initiatives used to address this. The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) How LAs are using the recently introduced ECO ‘flexible eligibility’ programme to refer certain households in fuel poverty or with occupants on low incomes, who are vulnerable to the effects of cold homes, to ECO obligated suppliers for support. Smart Metering How LAs promote awareness and uptake of smart metering. All questions are optional, but responses highly encouraged. While reporting is focused on energy savings related to homes, you are welcome to provide additional information on energy efficiency improvements in non-domestic properties, but this is fully optional. There will be a final free response section permitting local authorities to discuss any additional activities which they feel are relevant. Submission of HECA 2019 Reports For the 2019 reporting year, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is piloting the submission of reports via a digital platform, and for this year LAs will be asked to populate their HECA Report and submit materials via a Survey Monkey submission. No other reporting material or submissions will be required. LAs continue to be required to publish their responses, and they can to do this in whichever form they wish, so long as the published report contains relevant information submitted via the digital platform. It is not necessary for LAs to publish all the information submitted via the digital platform. Before the online survey is completed, the chief executive or director of the LA should approve the submitted content. If this approach proves effective and supports the engagement and compliance of a greater number of authorities than in recent previous years, BEIS will consider how this approach can be further improved for the 2021 reporting year. The questions which LAs are asked to report on in the digital ‘Survey’ are listed below: HECA Reporting 2019 Questions Name of Local Authority: Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council Type of Local Authority: Unitary Authority Name and contact details of official submitting the report: Mr Muzaffer Dayaji, Home Energy Officer, Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council, Environment & Operations Dept., Public Protection Service, Town Hall, Blackburn, BB1 7DY, 01254 588876,

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