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Energy efficiency - Facts Facts Savings What can I do? Home appliances Heat travels from hot areas to cooler areas. So in cold weather when buildings are warmed up by heating systems and other sources such as PCs, machinery and even the people inside, the heat is continually being lost outside the environment as long as it is warmer inside than out. The heat loss from a dwelling can be divided into two main categories: Fabric heat loss heat loss as it is transmitted through the fabric of the building Ventilation heat loss heat loss through ventilation or draughts. Around half of heat loss is through the walls and loft. Fact: The amount of heat lost in homes annually though un-insulated lofts and cavity walls is enough to pay for 1.7million families gas bills for a year. Standards of insulation in new housing are considerably higher than they are in older housing. However, properties built before current standards make up by far the largest proportion of the UK housing stock. In order to improve energy efficiency, reduce heating and hot water costs and to reduce CO2 Emissions the fitting of insulation into existing housing stock is essential. The following are types of insulation: Hot water insulation Roof insulation Wall insulation - both cavity and solid wall Draught proofing Floor insulation Double and secondary glazing

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